I’ve not disappeared entirely. I’ve been, what’s the excuse? Oh, yeah. “Busy.”

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One Year Closer

I’m officially one year closer to 30. To most of the women that I’ve met, this is daunting. Tormenting. Frightful. Terrifying, even. It’s as if their lives will be over the instant they leave their twenties. Me?

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Ah, to knit…

vibrant, colorful, knitted dish cloths

I started knitting when I was in my late teens, determined to make my own Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf. It took forever, was correct only in color, and never saw a purl stitch, but I loved every thing about it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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Fresh Flowers!

My husband surprised me with these beauties… Crazy Daisies. They are “died” brilliant neon colors and last a good bit. Continue reading “Fresh Flowers!”