The Daily: Learning Style

I didn’t fully understand my learning style until I was perhaps 15 or 16 years old. At the time, I was taking riding lessons at a local family owned barn and my instructor was trying to teach me the proper seat for Dressage.

During posting, I would either lift my seat up correctly and land back on my bum too hard, or I would have my feet in a position just so that I would about eject myself over the head of the horse. It was frustrating for me, and I can only imagine how frustrating for her. Not to mention the poor horse (sorry, Montana).

At the end of one of my lessons she gave me a book on proper positioning to take home and study. I read as much as I could until the next lesson, at which she then bombarded me with more information and more advanced technique. I seemed to be able to grasp the concepts behind the over-my-head complicated techniques, but the simple stuff made my head hurt. She recognized that. I’m not sure if I did at the time or not.

I  learn backwards.

Basically, I need to have all of the information given to me at the start. The last lesson should be my first, and I’ll proceed from lesson two with a much better understanding.

Luckily for me, she also went with the concept and changed up her teaching style for me. She began lessons with talking about advanced riding techniques, putting really complicated concepts and big pictures into my head, which made the beginner, small picture, stuff I was working on in that lesson make more sense. She bombarded me and it was awesome.

Did my riding improve? I’ll leave that for her to judge, but I’m pretty certain that light-bulb moment of a lesson improved my life. Now, when there is something I need or want to learn, I start at the back of the book, so to speak.

Thank you, Shanda.

What’s your learning style?


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