Let’s Go for a Walk

This week’s challenge was a perfect way for me to get my feet wet. It’s been so long since I picked up the camera for anything personal. So tired of the profession and business, I forgot what taking pictures for me felt like.

My art has suffered in my own absence. But, no less, here is my response to the challenge: Multimedia Storytelling.

All I have to do is get dressed and my rescue, Lady, will begin following me around the house, tail wagging. Hopeful.

“Walk?” Her bouncy gate and floppy ears request. When she sees me go down the few steps to the front door and grab her leash, she can’t contain herself. She’ll run around for a few steps before barreling down the stairs. Usually, she will wait with some amount of patience and let me latch the leash.

snow, path, foot prints, paw prints.

When we make it out the front door and she sees the fresh snow, she attacks. Like a fox hunting a mouse, she’ll dive at the white powder and take a big mouthful. Then it’s time to sniff the creepy tree in our front yard before proceeding.

If I slow down, she’ll stop to look back at me before insisting onward we go. There are squirrels to sniff for and bunnies to lunge at.

lab, neighborhood, street, snow, trees, dog walk, red leash

Lady stops to look.

lab, snow, dog, red leash

Trained to stop when I stop, she now stops at all street corners before crossing. She takes the moment to look for squirrels and bunnies.

The walk is uneventful.

We take our time in the snow: she sniffing and pulling along, me trying not to slip on anything resembling ice.

While Lady can handle this weather for hours, and like a child has to be called in from the cold several times, I can only take this in 1 Mile bouts.

She’s ready to keep going through our little neighborhood when I turn her towards home.

lab, dog, cute, red collar, snow

“Where’s your ball?”

I ask her when we return home and find ourselves in the back yard.

Her ears perk and her pupils widen.

lab, dog, fetch, playing

Who plays with who?

We play until my fingers are numb. I toss, she chases and bounds back with her favorite toy, frozen, between her jaws.

A great way to start the day.


62 thoughts on “Let’s Go for a Walk

      1. You can’t win: humans will never hike fast enough for a dog’s nose, which can apparently detect and locate both the treats in your pocket and the old, maggoty roadkill up ahead simultaneously at the speed of light.

        Walking too slow? Roadkill, it is.

  1. Have you read Alexander Horowitz’s book “On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes,” by chance? If not, you may enjoy it. One of the eleven “experts” she walks with is a dog. I enjoyed reading your post and viewing your beautiful photography.

  2. Beautiful and touching. I think I like this post a lot because it reminds me of the faithful friend (a beagle) who left my life just over a year ago. I miss her, but the memories like these make me smile. πŸ™‚

  3. What an adorable dog! I love seeing into the lives of other people, as weird as that sounds; it’s just so exciting and fresh and even a little comforting.

    1. Thank you, very much. We hope she’s around for quite some time. Took a peak at your work and I must say it’s quite gorgeous.

  4. Taking a dog for a walk at worst is an adventure. At best, it is a joy. Their enthusiasm is usually enough to put you in a better mood. Your post reminds me of the joys and adventures I had taking the family dog for walks. Nice pictorial storytelling.

  5. I think that your photography is amazingly beautiful. With the extremely good quality and the contrast of the pure white snow on the black dog makes it perfect. I’d pay big bucks for these kind of photos! Well done and keep up with this great work, I love it!

  6. This brought back so many memories of walking my 9-lb terrier in the deep snow of Toronto and Montreal. I loved it when — as with Lady — her black muzzle was frosted with snow. She used to leap and dive through the drifts like a gazelle. So fun to watch dogs enjoying winter.

    Thanks for this!

  7. The content of this blog post is fantastic. I love the “snowfall” animation (very nice touch), and your photos are beautiful. I love how the red “Fetch” text compliments Lady’s collar and ball! The minimalist look also fits perfectly with winter and the simplicity of snow. Wonderful!

  8. What an awesome post… I think all dog lovers would appreciate it as much as I do… Although I ve not had a dog for a long time, I did have 3 when I lived with my parents.I know how great it is to have those crazy walks and playtimes…I want a dog soon…

  9. Love the photos. Lady is a beauty. I don’t have a dog, but I love the idea of having such an enthusiastic walking partner. I am planning on finally getting a dog after my allergic kids go to college.

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