The Weight of Objects

Zorro, Lion King, Michael Jordan trading cards.
Ah, the trading card days.

I’m on a weight loss journey at the moment and it has caused me to go into a “purging mode” in other areas of my life. Namely, my house. No junk food, no bread, no clutter, no storing of things that won’t be used. I want order and harmony and open space. 

For the past few days I’ve been finding and going through “memory boxes.” Anyone out there have one or two? You know, an old shoe box or a Rubbermaid tub filled with all of the things you have found precious over the years? The ones that stay stashed away forever?

Apparently, I have several.

Finally going through them, I found it interesting what I’ve found valuable over time: family silver, random pieces of jewelry, comic books, concert memorabilia, basketball and Lion King trading cards and a lot of papers. When I was younger, these items held importance or some type of value, but now they are just taking up space, adding weight to my home. They were fun to collect, but now they’re the love handles I want to get rid of.

Honestly, if it meant something to me, I should have it out on display, shouldn’t I? Not stashed in a box, never to be seen.

I’m determined to “consolidate” these multiple boxes and either display these important items or eBay everything that doesn’t fit into one very small box. I want my home to become as fit as I am becoming. It should shed the weight with me.

So far I’ve got one very full box of papers to be shredded, at least one garbage bag full of things I can’t recall a reason for keeping and a rather large pile of “Things to eBay.” A few pieces I’ve pulled out to display, such as photographs, a Lion King trading card I still find beautiful, a shadow box of a few of my dad’s things and some artwork I did years ago.

Getting rid of unneeded things feels just as good as getting rid of excess weight. While finding old things I loved and putting them up on my walls in my office is like slipping back into my skinny jeans.

How about you? Are there memory boxes you should go through and do something with? A box of photos you should have in albums?


One thought on “The Weight of Objects

  1. I would like to cheer you on. Good for you. And like that. Unfortunately, no matter how much you shed — the older you get, the more you’ll accumulate. (I was thinking of stuff, but I guess that also goes for pounds.) It’s a lifelong struggle. Ah, well, at least you’ll be trimmer in body and boxes for 2014!

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