Resolutions for 2014

Gerber daisies - my first batch of fresh flowers for 2014.
The first batch of fresh flowers for 2014.

Well, it’s here: 2014. 

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions many years ago. Rather, when I decide a goal for myself, I generally begin right away.

For example, I’m on a weight loss journey. I could have waited until January 2014 to kick start myself, but I started in December and met my first weight loss goal before this new year even began. That’s a way to start a new year!

For the hell of it, however, I decided to make a little list for myself and see what happens. 14 things to accomplish before the end of 2014:

  1. Compile my “dash of this” cooking style into actual recipes.
  2. Keep a vase full of fresh flowers at all times.
  3. Plan, create and sustain a vegetable garden.
  4. Knit a set of new dishcloths.
  5. Paint the master bedroom, office and kitchen.
  6. Read five new books.
  7. Run a mile.
  8. Take weekend road trips.
  9. Design & sew a new purse.
  10. Dance more.
  11. Blog weekly.
  12. Start and finish one new video game.
  13. Discover more about where I live (restaurants, museums, etc.).
  14. Photograph everything.

As I accomplish, or work on, these goals, I’ll update and we’ll see where we land by 2015.

How about you? Are you a resolution maker and/or breaker?


6 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2014

    1. Thanks! Did you do a lot of research before hand or wing it? We winged it one year and only had a couple tomatoes survive…. Hoping to plan everything out a bit more this time around. Did nothing last year so a lot to clean up!

      1. Totally winged it! I live over a shop, so my “garden” is the flat roof and a massive collection of containers, buckets, pots, and sacks. We had to search for suitable plants for containers, and re-arrange things so get the right levels of sun and shade. We have the refrigeration units from the shop, so it got very warm in places, but we were very exposed to wind as well. I’m trying to get an allotment for this year to grow more.

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