Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

A colorful throw marks the spot on our couch owned by our dog, Lady. The perfect place to curl up and take a nap, sit up and look out the window, or stand up and bark at the UPS man when he comes.

This isn’t my window anymore. This is Lady’s window.

A black lab looks longingly out the window.
Lady Looks Out the Window

And her couch.


98% of the time she adheres to the rule of “No Blanket? No couch.” though I will catch her on the other end of the sofa, trying to catch the sun’s rays as they peek through in the afternoon. When I walk into the room, she’ll drag herself off of the couch with a stretch, then sit, head resting on the seat cushion, eyes peering up at me and whine for the blanket to be moved into the sunspot.

I, of course, oblige.


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