Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

A colorful throw marks the spot on our couch owned by our dog, Lady. The perfect place to curl up and take a nap, sit up and look out the window, or stand up and bark at the UPS man when he comes.

This isn’t my window anymore. This is Lady’s window.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Fresh ground coffee in coffee maker filter.
Whole coffee beans in mill grinder.
My day has no beginning without coffee.

I had to think about this one for a bit. Then I realized, Beginning, for me, is coffee.

I wake up every morning, just after my husband, and make him a fresh latte to take to work. Once he’s on his way, I have my breakfast and do a bit of cleaning around the house. But my day does not begin until I’ve had my coffee.

I like a medium-dark roast, ground fresh each morning and brewed with tap water. Our water is slightly hard, which I prefer over softened, for coffee. My coffee is taken black – no cream, no sugar, no fuss.

With the first sip, my day officially begins.

Until I’ve had coffee, today remains the dregs of yesterday.